21 Feb, 2024


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Connecting your Zekler Sonic 550, 540, or 530 hearing protection to the phone is a simple process that gives you access to sound without compromising your protection. Here are the steps for a smooth connection. Before you start, it is important to check that your hearing protection is turned off. This ensures that you can start the pairing process correctly.

Step 1: Activate pairing mode on your hearing protection

  • Hold down the on/off button: Do this on your hearing protection for about 6 seconds.
  • Check for the LED indicator: Look for an LED that starts flashing red and blue, indicating that the hearing protection is ready for pairing.

Step 2: Activate Bluetooth on your phone

  • Open settings on your phone
  • Turn on Bluetooth: Activate the Bluetooth function so that your phone starts searching for available devices nearby.

Step 3: Select “Zekler Sonic” from the device list

  • Look for Zekler Sonic: On your phone, select "Zekler Sonic" from the list of Bluetooth devices that your phone has found.
  • Have some patience: It may take a while before your device appears in the list.

Step 4: Enter PIN code if required

  • If your phone requests a PIN code to complete the pairing, use the standard code "0000" (four zeros).

Step 5: Confirmation

  • Once the pairing is complete, you should hear a confirmation from your hearing protection, and the LED indicator may change color or pattern to show that the connection is successful.

If you encounter problems
If the pairing is unsuccessful:

  • Try again: Restart your Zekler hearing protection and repeat the above steps.
  • Check charging and distance: Ensure that the hearing protection is charged and within range of your phone.
  • Disconnect from other Bluetooth devices: It may be that you are already connected to a device on your mobile, this can prevent you from connecting your hearing protection.

Follow these simple steps to easily connect your Zekler hearing protection to your phone and enjoy your audio content while maintaining hearing protection. If you are unable to pair your Zekler hearing protection, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.