02 Dec, 2021

Product developer with open eyes

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High-tech trends create new and exciting opportunities for personal protective equipment. At the same time, the trends must always be matched with the different needs of the users. That's what Jonas Frendin, product developer at Zekler, says.

How to create personal protective equipment that benefits users in the best way? For Jonas Frendin, the answer is the core of his role as product developer.

- You must meet, talk to and understand the users. This can only be done by visiting them in their environments and testing the products on site. Then you can also discover if there is something in their work environment that makes them frustrated and that we can help solve with our products.

In contact with users, it often turns out that the needs and wishes have changed compared to a number of years back in time. Today, more people are more safety conscious and when using protective equipment, the requirements are higher when it comes to comfort and design.

- The user-friendliness has improved significantly and that development will continue. The basic purpose for us is of course to protect the user's senses and an effective way to succeed with that is to add design and other factors that really inspire us to choose and use our products, says Jonas Frendin.

Zekler and Jonas Frendin draw inspiration for future product development from a number of different professional areas. High-tech trends and solutions with, for example, projected images on glasses for pilots are things that are included in the inspiration bank. However, the users' everyday life and work situation are always at the center.

- There is an incredible amount of technology today and we always have our eyes open. By matching it to the real needs of our users, we can develop optimal products. They often want their equipment to be easy to use and there I think we are strong with our development, says Jonas Frendin.