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Discover Zekler Zone safety helmets - Our dedication to your safety and comfort

At Zekler, we are proud to present our Zekler Zone series of safety helmets. These helmets represent the latest in protective technology and are designed to meet the highest demands for safety and comfort. Whether you are working on construction sites, at high altitudes, or in industrial environments, our helmets are ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Our design philosophy is to combine robust protection with user comfort in perfect balance. Therefore, our helmets offer features such as effective ventilation and adjustable fit, making them suitable for various head sizes. We understand that safe work requires the right certification and solution. Therefore, we have helmets that are double-certified for both industrial use and climbing and helmets fully equipped with Mips rotational protection integration and helmets certified for low-voltage electrical work.


High accessory compatibility with click fastening

We are proud of the built-in flexibility of our helmets. Integrated click fasteners make it easy to attach accessories such as visors, hearing protection, and headlamps, making them highly versatile.

With a wide selection of accessories, we can offer that little extra for your workday. Our visor protection extends the visor's lifespan by protecting it from unwanted scratches, while the sunshade provides protection from blinding sunlight. 


Zekler Zone - one series – three helmets

Zekler Zone Standard

  • Versatile and modern safety helmet, double-certified for work both at ground level and at high altitude.
  • High comfort and functionality.
  • Ventilation holes, knob adjustment, lightweight design.
  • Quick click mounting of accessories.
  • Double-certified EN 397 and EN 12492.

Zekler Zone Mips

  • Advanced model with Mips technology developed for extra protection against rotational forces in accidents.
  • Mips technology for reduced risk in oblique impacts.
  • Ventilation holes, knob adjustment, lightweight design.
  • Quick click mounting of accessories.
  • Certified according to EN 397.

Zekler Zone Electro

  • Specially designed for electrician safety with electrical insulation.
  • Without ventilation holes, live parts, and with a tight outer shell.
  • Quick click mounting of accessories.
  • Certified according to EN 397 and EN 50365 for work up to 1000 V (AC) and 1500 V (DC).

 At Zekler, we are committed to offering high-quality protective solutions. Our Zekler Zone helmets not only stand for reliable protection but also for an enhanced work experience. Regular inspection and maintenance are key to maintaining the effectiveness of the protection, and our helmets are designed to facilitate this.