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Discover Zekler head protection

Explore the world of Zekler head protection – a perfect blend of innovative safety helmets, carefully selected accessories, and spare parts. We combine comfort and ease of use with unmatched safety, all designed with your protection in mind. Welcome to Zekler's world, where you should feel safe and comfortable in all situations.

Why Zekler's safety helmets?

Our Zekler Zone series, popular for its comfort and simplicity, is the result of in-depth user focus during development. Each helmet, with its impact-absorbing foam, simple accessory mounting, and no sound leakage in combination with hearing protection, guarantees the highest safety and comfort. Moreover, with long chin straps and various accessories, we offer a complete solution that meets the needs of professionals. More than just protection, our helmets are a versatile platform for essential accessories.

Wide range of accessories

Discover our accessories for the Zekler Zone safety helmet, where every detail counts! From versatile visors and full-face visors to practical sunshades and reflective kits, we've thought of everything to enhance your safety experience. Take, for example, our visor protectors that not only extend the life of the visor but also keep it free from scratches and dirt, for clearer vision and increased durability.

Bump caps

Optimal for situations where there is a risk of hitting your head against hard, sharp, or protruding objects, often encountered in confined spaces. However, they are not intended for environments where protection against falling objects is required, like on construction sites. Our bump caps combine safety and comfort and are an ideal solution for protection in specific work environments.