Our FAQ section on eye protections and safety glasses provides quick answers and guidance. From choosing the right model to match your face shape to special features, we focus on giving you relevant information to find the safety glasses that best meet your needs, with optimal comfort and protection.


Zekler Air is a family of super-light safety glasses with a sleek design. Light safety glasses offer a very smooth feel and are designed to provide optimal protection with minimal burden. For example, Zekler 36, with its feather-light weight of 15.8 grams, offers fantastic fit and comfort, even with earmuffs. As the world’s lightest safety glasses, Zekler 36 can offer eye protection that fits a wide range of face shapes. Learn more about Zekler 36 by CLICKING HERE.

With our Zekler FLX family, you can easily adjust both the lens angle and temple length to ensure optimal fit and comfort, regardless of working conditions. This allows you to ensure that the safety glasses sit extra comfortably and securely. Here are some good suggestions for adjustable safety glasses:

Zekler 47: You can adjust the lens angle for a tight fit against the forehead. The safety glasses also have a soft edge on the top of the lens, which is good for protecting against dust and liquids. Learn more about Zekler 47 by CLICKING HERE.

Zekler 55: You can adjust both the lens angle and the temple length. Perfect for those who want the best conditions to adapt the safety glasses to their face shape. Learn more about Zekler 55 by CLICKING HERE.

Yes, Zekler’s OTG (Over the Glasses) family is designed to be worn over your regular glasses, offering the same high level of protection without compromising vision clarity. If you need extra space for glasses, we recommend Zekler 39, which is designed so that the temples do not conflict with each other. Learn more about Zekler 39 by CLICKING HERE.

The Zekler Goggles family are close-fitting goggles that offer extra protection against chemical splashes and harmful particles, ideal for high-risk work environments. For example, when handling hazardous chemicals, environments with high levels of dust, or the risk of flying particles at high speeds, such as when using power tools like an angle grinder. Zekler 96 is our latest addition. With its soft sealing edge, it also offers panoramic vision for the best possible field of view. Learn more about Zekler 96 by CLICKING HERE.

HC (scratch-resistant) is a lens coating that protects against scratches, extending the lifespan of safety glasses. HC/AF (scratch-resistant/anti-fog) is a coating that, in addition to protecting against scratches, also prevents fogging on the lens.

All Zekler safety glasses have UV protection. CE-marked glasses with UV 385 protect against most harmful UV rays, while UV 400 offers full protection and is ideal for working in environments with high UV exposure. All our safety glasses with gray, silver, or indoor/outdoor lenses have UV400. If you want UV400 on a clear lens, we recommend Zekler 47. Learn more about Zekler 47 by CLICKING HERE.

Zekler offers a range of different lenses that suit many environments and needs. Below we have listed our lens colors and when it is appropriate to use them:

  • Clear lens for low light and indoor use.
  • Yellow lens enhances contrast. Suitable for inspection work.
  • Orange lens for contrast enhancement but also perceived as restful for the eye.
  • Gray, brown, and silver mirror lenses for outdoor work with UV400 for protection against harmful UV rays.
  • I/O Indoor/Outdoor lens for varied indoor and outdoor work with UV400 for protection against harmful UV light.
  • Welding filter for protection against UV and IR radiation. Suitable for gas welding and soldering. Available in different density levels. 
  • Bifocal lens available in strengths "+1.0/+1.5/+2.0/+2.5". Suitable for inspecting precision work, drawings, machine manufacturing, instructions. 

On our product page "Safety Glasses", you can filter by lens color as well as properties. Our goal is to simplify your journey to finding the right safety glasses with the right properties and lens color.

The optical class indicates the optical quality of eye protection, with class 1 offering the highest clarity and minimal distortion. Poor optical class can cause dizziness, nausea, and optical distortions. Zekler safety glasses meet the highest optical class 1, guaranteeing excellent visual quality for you and your work.

We meet several important standards, including EN166 for personal eye protection, EN170 for UV filter protection, EN172 for solar protection glasses for professional use, and other relevant standards depending on the specific functions of the safety glasses. On each product page, you can see which standards apply to the product.

Zekler safety glasses undergo rigorous tests, including mechanical tests according to EN 166 for enhanced strength and tests for resistance to high-speed particles, to ensure their protection level and durability. With a product from Zekler, you are offered safe products that fit comfortably and work well with other products.