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Anders Kristiansson

”Good design can't exist without good functionality”


With more than 30 years as  a successful designer with wide-ranging expertise from racing to hygiene products, Anders Kristiansson has both broad experience and a depth to match. This together with his ability to constantly take on board new ideas made him the natural choice for the Nordic Line commission.

What was Zekler's brief?
In short you could say that they  wanted to create safety spectacles  to stand out from the crowd, and  at the same time meet the values  of both market and target user.

Your first impression of this?
That it was an exciting challenge as there were so many good eyewear  products already on the market.

How did you go about  solving the project?
My job is always at its most difficult,  and most fun, when the demand for good design has to meet high demands on functionality. It's a bit like solving a puzzle with a lot of complex pieces. That's how it was with Zekler. The puzzle in this case was to come up with a good design for the frames, whilst at the same time meeting strict functional requirements. Additionally the design had to provide adequate protection.

Sources of inspiration?
Our Nordic design culture. Clean,  simple, but with clear lines. Nordic  Line has also fetched inspiration from retro-frames, so-called 'college-type' frames and modern  eyewear, with a larger, more  angular design. But the most  important aspect in all design work has been that the ergonomics and functionality work together whilst providing the most comfortable and attractive protection that we can. "Good design can't exist without good functionality"

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