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Size does matter. Nowhere else is this more true than in the selection of Personal Protective Equipment. Without the correct size neither design, function nor fit will do the creation justice. All the Nordic Line models are therefore available in three different sizes so they fit just as well, regardless of head size.

The best design in the world will flop if the size is wrong. This is even more important when it comes to protective  eyewear. Safety spectacles that  don't fit properly don't just  affect the vision, but can chafe and thereby risk being used less frequently. And even when they're on, the protective  function can be negatively affected.

At Zekler we don't just see this  as completely unacceptable, but also wholly unnecessary.  In the Nordic Line range we produce each model in three  different sizes. This we want  to ensure that as many as possible don't just find a model  that suits their personal taste,  but one that also gives a perfect  fit.

In addition, several models can even be finely adjusted with  the help of smart functions such  as an adjustable nose bridge, sidepiece length and lens angle. There are also several different  lenses to choose between in order to offer eye protection to satisfy all individual preferences and needs. It's almost like going to the tailor.  Come and choose!

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